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Three Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel

, Eco-Friendly, Travel, Mobile home, Train, Sailing, Traffic, Holiday, Norway, Norway Today,Sailing is both a tranquil and eco-friendly form of travel. Photo: Matheus Guimarães /


Three Eco-Friendly Alternatives When Travelling

Travelling around the world has never been easier or more accessible. Flights are relatively inexpensive these days and the internet is awash with idyllic and unspoiled destination information and Instagram photos. It seems ironic that the most popular mode of transport we choose to get to these incredible places is a large contributor to carbon emissions, something that can cause serious damage to the environment if it continues to increase.

Yes, planes are a convenient way to travel and can get you from A to B quicker than any other mode of transport, but it’s definitely not the most sustainable way to get there. On Friday 29 June 2018, FlightRadar24 tracked over 200,000 planes flying in a single day for the first time ever and with airports expanding and the world’s population steadily increasing, this number is likely to grow.

Our skies may not be able to handle this increase in traffic forever though and flight delays and disruptions will become more regular, this may be the time to opt for an alternative mode of travel. Choosing one of the options below will not only help reduce your carbon footprint when you travel, but it’ll also make you appreciate the journey not just the designation.

Purchasing a Mobile Home

You could purchase a mobile home and take your home comforts with you when you travel, you’ll have the luxury of your own space and schedule with this mode of transport. You can also massively reduce the cost of a holiday by purchasing a mobile home as you won’t need to book into a hotel or holiday let when you reach your destination. Discover the convenience of having your travel and accommodation all rolled into one and research tiny homes for sale online.



Taking the Train

What’s not to love about taking the train instead of a plane to your holiday destination? You’ll get to enjoy the ever-changing landscapes of the world flicker past your window as you indulge in a glass of wine. Turn your holiday into an explorative rail journey by interrailing around Europe’s most exciting destinations. Take the Eurostar to Paris, or hop on a sleeper train to the Italian Alps, it really is an exciting way to travel and uses far less fuel and energy than taking a flight.

Opting for Sailing the Seas

Probably the most environmentally friendly way to travel, why not turn your holiday into a sailing trip around Europe’s coast. Moor your boat on Britain’s south coast and visit the sandy beaches and infamous White Cliffs of Dover or enjoy a taste of the glamorous side of life by cruising round the Coté de Provence.

Whichever mode of transport you decide to take on your next holiday, it’s important to be aware of your impact on the environment. Choosing a more sustainable option will help to clear your conscious when you travel, and will no doubt create more enjoyable memories than being stuck on the floor of an airport’s departure lounge for hours.

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