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How to counter the effects of jet lag

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How to counter the dreary effects of jet lag

Half of all Norwegians are affected by jet lag on foreign travel including large time differences. Most don’t adapt before leaving or use assistive devices. They rather choose to battle the consequences when they arrive at their destination. Sixteen per cent of Norwegians states that they have trouble adjusting at all, shows a survey made on behalf of Ticket.

Jet lag can be difficult to cope with, and many have experienced either waking up at dawn and not being able to go back to sleep – or are having trouble staying awake when the afternoon comes, Marketing and Administration Manager in Ticket Holidays, Ellen Wolff Andresen explains.

The demand for exotic destinations far away increases sharply and many want to maximize their vacation experiences. A destination far away usually entail adaptation between time zones. That affects us to a varying degree. Approximately half (51 per cent) experience that they are affected by jet lag, while 38 per cent say that they are never affected by it.

Of those who are affected by the time difference, 7 out of 10 choose to adapt to the time zone by going to bed and getting up at a reasonable time as soon as possible. Only 4 per cent of those affected by jet lag, begins the transition to the destination’s time ahead of departure, by adapting when they go to bed and get up. A mere 3 per cent take melatonin or caffeine tablets to ease the transition.

Another solution is to choose a holiday destination with as little time difference to Norway as possible. South Africa is a holiday destination which experiences an enormous increase in demand. The country’s varying nature and many different experiences – everything from beaches with penguins to vineyards and safaris – are increasingly tempting. The time difference between Norway and South Africa is negligent, which means that, despite a long flight, you can quickly adapt to South African time, thus avoiding a possibly strenuous adaptation.

What do people do about it?

  • I try to adapt as quickly as possible when I arrive at the destination (go to bed/get up at reasonable hours etc) – 73 %
  • I’m having trouble adapting – let nature run its course – 16 %
  • I try to modify the biological time before departure – so that I can adapt more rapidly when I arrive at the destination – 4 %
  • I use aids such as melatonin/caffeine tablets to help the body get started – 3 %.
  • Affected otherwise – 3 %
  • I am not affected by jet lag – 38 %
  • Uncertain/don’t know – 11 % 

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