Only 84 H-1B US Visa Applicants from Norway

84 H-1B US VisaOnly 84 H-1B US Visa Applicants from Norway. Photo:

Only 84 H-1B US Visa Applicants from Norway in 2018

Almost a year ago, President Donald Trump suggested that the US should bring more people from countries such as Norway, instead of what he calls «shithole» countries, referring to countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.


Norwegians, however, do not seem really interested to move to the US. Data published by the US Department of Homeland Security shows that 1.12 million people became legal permanents in the United States within last year (2017). Only 290 of them are born in Norway.

According to VisaGuide‘s World statistics, even the US work visas have failed to attract Norwegian citizens, including the much sought-after H-1B visa, also known as the Specialty Occupation Visa. In the 2018 fiscal year, Norwegians filed only 84 H-1B visa applications, among the 419,637 applications that are filed in total.

The H-1B visa is one of the most popular work visa programs, which permits companies based in the US to hire workers from across the globe in speciality occupations.

The data, which is based on petitions received during the fiscal year for both initial employment and continuing employment, shows that there are 34 women applicants from Norway, 48 men and one unidentified.

Nordic Countries

Citizens of the rest of the Nordic countries do not show too much interest in the H-1B visa either. Sweden aside, 261 citizens of which filed an application for a Specialty Occupation Visa, none of the rest of these countries exceeds one hundred. The number of male applicants is at least twice as high as of female applicants, as well, for all of them, excluding Norway.

As VisaGuide reports, the greatest fans of the H-1B visa program are Indian Nationals. In 2018 alone, Indians accounts for 73.9% of the overall number of H-1B visa applications filed.

Chinese Nationals follows with 11.2%, and the rest, 14.1% are filed by all the rest of the world’s countries put together. The Nordic countries viewed as one, therefore, make up around 0.2% of the total number of applications.


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  1. Out of the 84 applicants, how many had their petition approved?

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