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Summer in Norway: Packing the Essentials!

Summer Norway Packing Lofoten MountainEnjoying the life to the fullest. Admiring the vista from a mountain top in Lofoten. Photo:

Summer in Norway: How to Pack All the Essentials!

So you’ve decided to enjoy your summer in Norway. Whether you’ve stumbled upon us by chance or are here regularly, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on what to pack to enjoy the beauty of the Land of the Fjords.

If you think packing for winter in Norway is complicated, let me tell you that it is a breeze compared to packing for summer. You just need to pack your warmest clothes, and you are done. No predicament there. But if you are packing for summer, you just have to pack for, well, everything.

Summer in Norway is around the months of June, July, and August. When you are packing for a summer in Norway, you need to remember two things:

You’re Not Packing for Only One Weather

It is not a joke when Norwegians say that you might experience all four seasons in one day. Make sure to come prepared for rain, sun, or snow.

There is also no predicting the temperature based on your location. Southern Norway might be cold and Northern hot; there is really no telling.

Weather Forecasts Aren’t Reliable

I guess there is only one rule when you are packing for Norway: come prepared with everything you have in your wardrobe.

You can experience rain with temperatures of 5-13°C (41-55°F) in one place and it can be sunny with temperatures over 25°C (77°F) in another, so really, it’s absolute madness!

Packing your wardrobe doesn’t mean that it might come in handy only once or twice; be ready for ANYTHING on any given day. If it’s snowing while you’re hiking up, you might get sunburnt at the top.

You might get lucky and might not have to change out of your clothes like a magician every two hours, but it’s better safe than sorry! Here is a complete packing list for a wholesome time in Norway!


What Should You Wear?

The materials and number of items you wear both need to be selected strategically. You don’t want to overburden yourself with packing for things that are not absolutely essential. There are some clothes with versatile uses; you just have to know how.

  1. Layers of Shirts and Sweaters

    The most ideal approach to travel with as little luggage as possible and still be set up for a wide range of climates in Norway is to layer your garments. The best thing about layering is you can layer up or down accordingly.

  2. Raincoat

    Make sure to have a raincoat with you, on the grounds that the occasional downpour starts in the blink of an eye, and you want to avoid getting drenched. They can be handy while trekking, and if it gets cold, a fleece sweater or two can do the trick.

  3. Hiking Pants and Shorts

    Depending on your activity, you might need hiking pants that come with a lot of pockets. But do not forget your shorts because when the sun shines, it can be unbearably hot.

  4. Clean Set of Underwear

    It doesn’t get said enough, but, yes, you might have to change your underwear quite often given the moody nature of weather. Faveable suggests you bring comfortable underwear that allows you to partake in every activity. 

  5. Waterproof Hiking Shoes

    The kind of shoes to pack for Norway depends on the activities you intend on doing. Light tennis shoes or sneakers are best for taking small strolls around the city. Hiking trails like Pulpit Rock, Florli 4444, etc are exceptionally wet, so wear waterproof hiking boots.

  6. Sunscreen

    The sun can be extremely brutal in Norway during the summer, so remember to take the highest SPF sunscreen you can find.

The Essentials You Need to Have with You

To make your trip to Norway more comfortable, remember to pack the items below!

  1. Fast-Drying Towel and Bathing Suit

    There are numerous spots where you can swim in Norway (assuming the rainclouds hold back), so it’s constantly helpful to have your swimwear with you. Adding a fast-drying travel towel never hurts!

  2. Water Bottle

    If you bring your own water bottle, you can just refill them as there are a lot of water faucets in Norway and it is environmentally friendly. The quality of tap water is, furthermore, often better than store-bought water!

  3. European Electrical Adaptor

    Outlets in Norway comes with 230 Volt and type C/E/F plugs so don’t forget your adaptor!

  4. Mosquito repellent cream

    If you are planning on hiking, bring some mosquito repellent cream or spray with you.

  5. Moisturizer

    Nordic countries tend to get quite dry, so don’t forget your moisturizer!

  6. Compact Charger

    Portable chargers have turned into a must-have travel need, as we utilize our cell phones constantly (GPS, Google Maps, camera, camcorder, and so forth).

  7. Camera Gear

    Unless you are satisfied with the picture quality of your phone, remember to pack your camera gear, including additional batteries and memory cards. You don’t want to be stranded without it!

  8. Umbrella

    While travelling in Norway, you don’t generally require an umbrella. A windproof umbrella can be quite handy when you are in areas like Bergen, but beware of wind!

  9. Climbing Poles

    On the off chance that you anticipate doing loads of climbing in Norway, climbing poles may be a great thing to have. Most prominent climbing trails are very strenuous with bunches of wet plummets.

  10. Buff

    Those windy fjords or cruises might start chills, so you might want to bring protection like scarves or a buff.

Final Thoughts

This article contains absolute essentials for Norway in the summer. If you want to try out a fashionista look, you can add a few choices of your own like cool dress shirts and some rompers for a chic look.

Understandably, who doesn’t want to come out of a trip without some Instagram worthy shots?

If you are planning to get the best of both worlds and plan to explore the fjords, do some hiking AND look like a diva, do not hesitate to add your choices to the mix!

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