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KrF score highest with the Handicapped Association

Disabled Persons Handicap AssociationDisabled Persons. Photo:


KrF score highest with the Handicapped Association

After a review of all parties’ programs, the Norwegian Handicap Association concludes that KrF (Christian People’s Party) largely agrees with their interests.


The Liberals ends with a score of two on the dice according to the Disability Association’s assessment, according to the news agency (ANB). The party loses points due to few concrete measures and that they wish to make reservations concerning universal housing requirements where appropriate.

the Norwegian Handicap Association has considered the parties in relation to inequality and distanceship that people with disabilities are experiencing. KrF was the only party which was deemed worthy of a six on the dice.

– Not surprisingly, resistance against the sorting of people with disabilities is central to KrF, he says. The party is praised for their efforts in areas such as work, aid and citizen-based personal assistance (BPA).

Rødt and SV are provided with five points for recognizing opportunities related to obstacles related to the workforce and the situation of people with disabilities, as well as measures created to promote disabled people’s participationin society. The other parties were awarded the following cast of the dice: Sp 4, MDG 4, Conservatives 3,Labour 3 and the Progress Party 3.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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