Stole a car with a hunting knife – sentenced to prison

Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media


A man in his 30s was in Drammen District Court and was sentenced to one year in prison for, among other things having stolen a car with a large hunting knife at Hurum in Buskerud, on a April night last year.

The man thrust the long knife into the window of the car where two men were sitting. He also jabbed the knife through the car roof. The driver managed to throw himself into the passenger seat and they both escaped through the car’s door, wrote newspaper Drammens Tidende.

Armed police managed to enter the perpetrator’s apartment, which was located just off the scene of the crime. They had to use pepper spray to control him.

Later that day, the car the man took was found abandoned on a forest road. In court the car thief argued that he had pushed it there. The court found improbable and thought it was not possible to push the car there without engine power.

The man was also charged with having driven a car with false or illegal identification, under the influence and was charged for driving without a license. According to the court was the seventh time he had been charged. The man, who was well known by the police before, was convicted of all charges.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today