Swim program needed for standardized testing

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Next school year, all students in fourth grade will be tested in the pool. For students to achieve the objectives the Norwegian Swimming Federation advises schools to start teaching in pools in the first grade.

– We have worked long to get new swimming requirements in place. Now we have specific goals for what a 10 year old should be able to do, says Jan Kjensli, development consultant for swimming lessons in the Norwegian Swimming Federation.

From the next school year, the pupils in the fourth grade in the country have a mandatory skill test.

Pupils should achieve these goals through training in the pool starting from first grade, believes the Swim Association.

-A program would make it easier to identify which skills each student has and what they are missing. The schools must have enough time to teach students the skills needed to achieve these goals, says Kjensli.


Source: NRK news / Norway Today




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