Norwegian company received contract for F-35 worth several million dollars

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The Norwegian company Kitron will again supply electronics for the F-35 and has won a contract worth several million dollars.

The contract is signed with Lockheed Martin to produce backplane, referred to as the Integrated Backplane Assembly (IBA), which is an advanced and complex electronics module.
It revolves around a delivery in trial production of the aircraft which Americans refer to as low rate initial production program (LRIP). This is LRIP number 11.

Deliveries begin this year and end in 2018, said Kitron which also has supplied electronics for aircraft in previous productions.

– After years of deliveries to the earlier phases of low rate initial production program, it is good to see that volume has increased to the extent expected at full production rate, says Kitron Norge CEO Hans Petter Thomassen.

Norway is one of the international partner countries participating in the F-35 program.

According to the production agreement between Kitron and Lockheed Martin, Kitron will manufacture, test, maintain and repair the IBA in the F-35.

Norway decided in 2008 that the F-35 will replace the current F-16 combat aircraft. The first aircraft will be delivered on 2019.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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