23/10/2014- Oslo 02:37 AM
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Thu, 23 Oct 2014

Moved Queen Sonja proud of the families victims

Norway Today
A very emotional Queen Sonja accompanied by her son Crown Prince Haakon came out from Statoil relatives Center

 A very emotional Queen Sonja accompanied by her son Crown Prince Haakon came out from Statoil relatives Center after having spent plenty of time with both families and returnee Statoil employees.

The Queen and the Crown Prince came to the center at 11.45, and after two hours they came back out.

- It was very good to be here and seeing the families helping each other, while the support system worked so well, said the queen, who wiped tears from thecorner of his eye and gave more hugs to Margrethe Øvrum from Statoil, which followed the two royal out to the car.

- We can be proud of those who have been through this, how Staotoil  have responded to it, and to a great Norwegian people, said Queen Sonja.


Source : NTB scanpix

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