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Tue, 01 Dec 2015

The Royal Family has had enough of celebrity magazine

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For the first time takes royal family to terms with what they believe is inaccurate reporting,,,

For the first time takes royal family to terms with what they believe is inaccurate reporting and violations in the celebrity magazine Se og Hør.
The castle sharply criticize the journalistic methods the magazine use in its reports, writes the newspaper VG.
- Now it has gone so far that we have to go to this unusual step in an effort to end violations and incorrect information, says communication manager at the castle, Marianne Hagen.
Among the reportages castle reacts to, is reporting with paparazzi photos from beach vacations in Corsica and St. Barts in the Caribbean.
In both reportages are pictures of members of the royal family in swimwear and bikini while sunbathing and taking part in water activities.
- What we react to, is the scope, intimacy, that they use images of the children, and that they have not identified themselves, says Hagen.
She says the Royal Family understand that they are the country's most famous family, and that it may have public interest where they are vacationing, but they do not have to accept everything,and that these reportages goes way over the border.
Editor in Chief Ellen Arnstad to Se and Hør answers in VG the allegations and says the reporting of bathing holidays is within the ethical norms.
Arnstad also says that the royal family should expect that interviews given to foreign press also can be used in Norwegian media. 


Source : NTB scanpix

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