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Sat, 05 Sep 2015

The royal family with a new centennial year

Norway Today
Norway`s constitution celebrates 200 years in 2014 , which will characterize the royal house` tasks throughout the year.
Norway`s constitution celebrates 200 years in 2014 , which will characterize the royal house` tasks throughout the year.
It will be various events related to the Constitution false start in 2013 , but the royal family part is the Queen Sonja who first anniversary mission - next year. Tuesday 14 January ,will be the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Kiel , she shall open the exhibition " 1814 - game of Denmark and Norway " on Norwegian Folk Museum.
- It is important that the royal family is involved in such an exhibition opening, because this is a part of their family history. The  Royalties were  important players in the game of Denmark and Norway before, during and after 1814. It is also especially nice that it is the queen who performs the opening , because the Queen Margrethe of Denmark will open the exhibition in Denmark when it will be moved there and reopened 18 September next year , says press officer Jon Ilseng at the Folk Museum .
By the Kieler peace agreement , Fredrik 6 was forced to cede Norway to the king of Sweden , which was a very important event for the future work of Norwegian independence.
Source: NTB scanpix / Photo wikipeda / Norway Today 
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