Meteorologist: – rejoice, delicious spring days ahead!

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Spring is in approaching at full speed.

This year equinox is on Monday, March 20eth. Then day and night is of equal length all over the world and the sun is directly over the equator. From sunrise to sunset or vice versa, it will be almost exactly 12 hours.

– Now we head towards warmer days, and it just gets brighter and brighter, says Meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Siri Wiberg, to Dagbladet.

The meteorological definition of spring is that the average temperature is between zero and ten degrees, with rising temperatures, according to the meteorologist.

High Pressure on the way

And there is no doubt that spring is approaching at full speed. Especially the southern parts of the country have warm temperatures in store for the coming week.

– A high pressure front is on the way, and by mid-week the air gets warmer and the temperature rises in the southern parts of the country. It bodes well, says Wiberg.
At least ten degrees above freezing

In the capital, you can don your sunglasses, the weatherwoman believes.

– The week begins with rainfall, but the weekend will be very nice in Oslo. Sunday will be the warmest day, with at least ten degrees Celsius and sunshine from a clear blue sky.

According to the meteorologist all of Southern- and Western Norway south of Stad will enjoy the warm air that is coming.

– The temperature is rising, and there is less precipitation and clouds. There are some delicious spring days ahead in the south, so just rejoice, says Wiberg.

Wet in the north

Equally fine weather will not be found further north, according to the meteorologist.

– There are also going to be higher temperatures in the rest of the country, but Central and Northern Norway will have strong onshore winds. A lot of humid winds and rain will make it really wet n the upcoming week, says Wiberg.

On a side note there are big differences in the country when the first day of spring occurs, according to the Meteorological Institute.

Meteorological sets March 17th as the first day of spring in Oslo, while Kautokeino in Finnmark has to wait until May 4th, the meteorologists Tweets.


Source: / Norway Today

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