Stubb thinks the British will get “Norwegian” EU deal

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Britain will in all likelihood get an agreement with the EU similar to the Norwegian one, former Prime Minister of Finnland, Alexander Stubb, thinks.

– We ough to try to keep Britain as close to us as possible, but they will have no opportunity to influence decision-making. Britain will be a new Norway, he said in an interview with Reuters news agency.
Stubb envisages that the UK in the future still will have to contribute to the EU budget in order to gain access to the Union’s internal market, and ultimately retain many current benefits.
The former top politician, who also has held many different positions in the EU system, believes it is unrealistic that the UK will be able to restrict immigration to the country.
– If the UK wants to enjoy the free movement of goods, services and money, the country must also accept the free movement of labor. It makes Norway. This may be difficult, but that’s just how it is, says Stubb.
The think tank The Adam Smith Institute thinks the best thing for the UK will be to join the EFTA, along with Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein,  the Sunday Express writes.
Norwegian Minister Monica Mæland describes this as “one of the possibilities” for Britain after the referendum to the news agency NTB .


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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