Small bugs can ruin your vacation

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Summer is the peak season for the spread of pests. It is important to check your suitcase, otherwise the holiday could end up being both uncomfortable and expensive.


There are especially two pests that show up during the holiday season,bed bugs, and mosquitoes. Bed bugs do not get loose on people,but can occur in large parts of a dwelling. Mosquitoes are the big scare.

It is a night time insect that sucks blood while we sleep and can cause infernal itching.

“Pests will not usually transmit diseases to humans, but they can cause itchy rashes, and it is uncomfortable to share a bed with them,” said the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Great increase

Due to resistance to insecticides and increased travel activity, the presence of these pests has risen sharply over much of the world over the past 15 years.

Pest control officers have previously reported a lot of pressure from people who have returned home from abroad this summer and suspect small animals in their luggage.
According to experts, it has nothing to do with whether you live in a luxury hotel in New York, or a cheap accommodation. Pests can be there anyway. According to the National Institute of Public Health, farm animals often have a large exchange of pests.

High price

‘’Hotels, guesthouses and cabins are typical examples. During holidays or on business trips there will always be a risk that they can get into your luggage.

As a general preventive measure, it would be sensible to keep bags or suitcases closed throughout your stay,’’ it says on the Institute’s website.

The price for getting rid of the unwanted pests can be high. A simple treatment of,for example, a bedroom that is attacked by molluscs can quickly come up to over 30,000 kroner.

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