Norwegians will have summer trading for 105 billion

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Norwegians will have summer trading for 105 billion

The main organization, Virke, believes Norwegians will enjoy a little extra in July and August, and estimates that they will trade for 105 billion NOK.

According to the analysis from Virke, shops, kiosks and gas stations in Norway will account for NOK 95 billion of trade in the two summer months.

“In addition, it is estimated that Norwegians will buy goods from Norwegian and foreign online stores for 5 billion, spend 2 billion on day trips abroad, and approximately 250 million on other commerce outside the outlet, the organization writes in a press release.

Extra on food and drink

Previously, it has been found that rainy summers lead to more people heading to the malls. Sun and heat lead to smaller store sales, but people like to enjoy some extra good food and drink.

“Last year’s summer was wet in many places, and trade increased 2.1 percent from the year before. The largest increase had stores in Northern Norway, a 3.4 percent increase from summer 2015, says Bror William Stende, director of Virke Faghandel.


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