Over 1,000 Norwegian SS soldiers identified in new book

SS soldiersOver 1,000 Norwegian SS soldiers identified in new book.Photo: wikipedia.org

In a new book about Norwegian SS soldiers during World War II, there are images that identify over 1,000 of the 4,500 Norwegians who enlisted.

The authors Tommy Natedal and Geir Brenden behind the book “Norwegian volunteers of the Waffen-SS,” will be releasing their book at a British publisher next week.

The material that forms the basis for the book Nattedal and Brenden wrote was collected for over 30 years. There are over 1,000 photographs in the roughly 500-page book.

– I have not seen many war books with so many images, said Brenden. Already at age 16 he began contacting former front line fighters to photograph for his private albums. He says most people polled were positive.

– I had the impression that they answered yes, because they understood that from our side we were not talking with political interests. Both Tommy and I are committed to war history, but neither of us had sympathies towards right-wing extremism, stressed Brenden.

Anyone who is identified in the book, are also referred to by name, something Brenden sees as unproblematic.

– After the treason cases two years ago were publicly available, I see no reason to conceal the identities of participants. Many of them are already named in books that have come out in recent years. Most are also passed away, he explained.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today