About Us

Norway Today

Norway Today is an independent online newspaper which is politically unaffiliated. Due to this, we are free to give you the news we think
is important to read about. Norway is a small country with a lot of interesting things happening every day. Our wish is to give you information,
and insight into events happening both in Norway, and internationally. From the smallest things in everyday life, to the big news about oil, energy,
the government and politics.

The owner

The newspaper is owned by Tor Ingar Oesterud. He worked for several years as a journalist in several newspapers giving Norway’s news
to the Norwegian people. He takes great pride in the work he does, and his goal as editor is to give you exciting and informative, up-to-date
news of today’s world.

The team

In order to produce the newspaper and bring you this news, several people work long hours. Our reporters and web developers strive
continuously to provide you with a newspaper of the best possible quality. Our enthusiastic team aim to provide exciting news to keep
you well informed about events in Norway and the wider world. We sincerely hope you enjoy Norway Today as much as we do.

Are you from Norway, and want to join our team?

Then we would like to hear from you.
Tell us why you want to write for the newspaper. What kind of experience you have, how much you will be able to work, and most
importantly, what you can contribute to the newspaper. We would prefer you to write the application in English, though you are
welcome to write in Norwegian. If you write in Norwegian, please send us something written in English together with your application.

Send a mail to: Tor Ingar Oesterud

We hope to hear from you.