Posted By: Pieter Wijnen 6. September 2018

12 things to do in Stavanger and Sandnes

These 12 things are at your disposal in Stavanger and Sandnes this weekend!


This guide is applicable from Thursday, September 6th to Sunday, September 9th.


What: Street art

Where: Tou Scene + the City Centre

When: Thursday to Sunday

26 artists from 12 different countries come to Stavanger when the street art festival is arranged for the 18th time.

The official opening is on Saturday at 1 pm. The program is available here.

After the festival is over, a street art exhibition opens at Skur 2 (Shed 2) at the Skanse Quay. The exhibition is open until September 30ieth.

Stavanger på skeivå (Bent Stavanger)

What: Festival

Where: Stavanger

When: Thursday to Sunday

The festival actually began on Wednesday, everything from debates, performances and parties are on the program.

In addition, there will be a rainbow parade from the Concert Hall to the City Park on Saturday at 2 pm.

125th anniversary of Aftenbladet

What: Festival

Where: Stavanger and Sandnes

When: Thursday to Saturday

The big sister of Byas, Stavanger Aftenblad, celebrates its 125th anniversary – Many items are on the menu.

You can learn more about how two 17-year-olds have been completely absorbed by Snapchat, or get better acquainted with entrepreneurs, band members, politicians, journalists and editors.

View the complete agenda of the anniversary here.

Note: Byas also hosts an event during the festival.

VampyrVidar (Vidar the Vampire)

What: Movie preview

Where: Odeon Cinema, Stavanger

When: Thursday at 7 pm.

Do you remember the duo who drove around in Stavanger in a  hearse?

The hearse was central in the recording of the local movie VampyrVidar. The film has been ready for a while, but it has taken time to get it onto the silver screen in its hometown.

You may be lucky enough to see the movie ahead of the rabble on Thursday.

Quiet disco

What: Dance, dance, dance on the table

Where: Arkivet (The Archive)

When: Thursday at 11 pm

Quiet for those without a headset, full throttle for the ones who wish to dance the night away.

Body Art

What: Tattoo exhibition

Where: KinoKino

When: Friday at 7 pm

What are people wishing to immortalize on their bodies? Be inspired and experience body art at KinoKino in Sandnes on Friday.

Toll Roads?!

What: Debate

Where: Sølvberget (Stavanger Culture house)

When: Friday at 8 pm

This is the talk of the town at present.

Politicians, action leaders and journalists are on stage and will bring you a debate that will surely make waves and provoke reactions.

The Lervig festival

What: Neighbourhood party

Where: The Breivik Park

When: Saturday at 2 pm

There will be a neighbourhood party for residents in the eastern part of town – and anybody else who wants to come and enjoy a nice day in the Breivik Park on the Lervig Quay!

There will be live music, DJs, yoga, food and activities for both young and old. Fingers crossed for sunny weather! (Or at least no rain)

PS: The event is alcohol-free, for those who wonder about that.

useful idiots for terrorists?

What: Debate

Where: Kverulantkatedralen (The Kverulant Cathedral)

When: Saturday at 2 pm

When the bomb goes off, the media are on the ball.

Are newspapers, radio stations, television channels and web editors useful idiots for the terrorists?

Devin The Dude

What: Concert

Where: Folken (The House of the People)

When: Saturday at 9 pm

The Houston rapper has worked with Doctor Dre, Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z.

Stavanger and Folken is a stopover as the rapper is making his tour of Europe.

Trang fødsel (Cramped Birth)

What: Concert

Where: Stavangeren

When: Saturday at 9 pm

Do you remember “Italic”, “Life is quite alright” and “Hippie” (“Kursiv”, “Livet er helt ålreit” og “Hippie”)?

On Saturday you can listen to the classics live in concert!

District party

What: Activities and music

Where: The Byhaug Café

When: Sunday at noon

RepairCafé with sewing machines, marshmallows, activity run, book readings and an open café.

Bring yourself, family, friends and, last but not least, your neighbour!


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