Over 15,000 garments changed hands on clothing exchange day

clothing exchange dayOver 15,000 garments changed hands on clothing exchange day. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

With 54 events and over 4,000 participants, Naturvernforbundet
(Friends of the Earth Norway) and their partners were very satisfied with the country’s first clothing exchange day.

The interest swap fine garments while saving nature was so great that the capacity was blown up on some events, such as outside Kulturhuset in Oslo, where the queue was long and several had to be dismissed in the door.
“It was incredibly fun to see the turnout. In Sweden they also had record attendance, so we will definitely continue this. The figures show that swapping works,” says union leader Lars Haltbrekken to news agency NTB.
So far, 15,330 garments been swapped. Assuming that these garments would have otherwise been purchased, the swapping, and thus the lack of production, spared the enviornment from an estimated 76 tonnes of CO2, 76.6 million liters of water, and 13.8 tons of chemicals.
Haltbrekken is now concerned with ripple effects of this exchange day.
“We hope that people have been inspired to trade clothes instead of buying new garments.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today