20 kroner coin to mark Norges Bank’s 200th Anniversary

.20 kroneOslo.20 kroner coin to mark Norges Bank's 200th Anniversary.Photo : Norges Bank / NTB scanpix

A 20 kroner coin depicting a graph that bears the name Norgespulsen, was released on Tuesday to mark Norges Bank’s 200 year celebration.

King Harald himself attended the celebration of the anniversary of Trondheim and the launch of the commemorative coin. The celebration took place in Trondheim because Norges Bank’s headquarters were located here in the years 1833 to 1897.
The commemorative coin is a so-called special edition circulation coin, and the graph that constitutes the rear design was made by Kjersti M. Austdal, a student at the Art Academy in Oslo.
“In its simplicity, the graph bears strong symbolic content. The graph is a stylized illustration of inflation and deflation in Norway. In general, the diagram shows that the central bank monitors both economic and financial fluctuations and manages to steer them toward stability,” said the rationale for the choice of subject.
The front side shows the royal portrait, as it has been used for special edition coins in recent years. This design is by Ingrid Austlid Rise, designer for the Norwegian Mint.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today