Two one thousand year old churches found in Trondheim

Archaeologists churchArchaeologists.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Archaeologists are believed to have found two one thousand year old churches in Trondheim

Archaeologists have found two churches under Klemenskirken in Trondheim, according to  NRK news. The churches are thought to originate from the 9th century CE.
NRK reported that ‘as both churches were found under Klemenskirken, they are therefore older than ‘Olav den Helliges’ Church. One was discovered on Thursday,the other was found two weeks ago and is said to be in very good condition. Among other things, excavation uncovered an altar.
Neither the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, nor archaeologist Anna Petersén wished to comment to NRK about the find on  Friday, but the directorate said there will probably be information given next week.
The excavation took place in connection to building construction in the area.

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Last autumn, archaeologists found remnants of what they believed was Klemenskirken, where the coffin of Olav den hellige (Olav the Saint) stood on the altar for 25 years after his death. Discovery of Klemenskirken was listed in Heritage Daily’s ‘ten most exciting archaeological finds in the world in 2016’. Heritage Daily is a website publishing news about  international archeology and heritage.


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