Ari Behn is celebrated with street art in Bergen

lpZelpeqCNAPhoto: Marit Hommedal / NTB Scanpix

Street artists in Bergen pay tribute to Ari Behn with a portrait.

The portrait is painted on a wall by the old car inspection center in Fyllingsdalen in Bergen and is about 6 meters high and 15 meters wide.

Dagbladet first mentioned the story.

Øistein Jakobsen of StreetArt Bergen is the project manager. He says that everyone has gathered at short notice to get the project completed. The street artist Tegson from Bergen and the two Spanish street artists Bisho Sevillano and Rochihiro are behind the painting.

“This took off like a rocket. The owner of the building said yes straight away and Naboen Utleie Bergen loaned us a platform for free,” says Jakobsen to NTB.

Jakobsen believes Behn and street art in many ways go hand in hand.

“He’s a visionary and a thinker. He is a breaker of the ordinary. That’s the essence of street art,” says Jakobsen.

The entire project took about three days to complete and was ready for New Year’s Eve. Several spectators have already taken the tour to see the artwork.

“The migration has begun. Several people stop and take pictures,” says Jakobsen.

Tegson says the work is a tribute to Ari Behn.

“He was colorful. I have followed his art for several years. In the artistic field he was an exciting person. It’s exciting with people who don’t follow the A4 standard. He made his own,” Tegson tells Dagbladet.

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