Bauer Media threatens to withdraw from Norway

ESA requires new responses from Norway about DABOslo. DAB-radio.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Scanpix .

Bauer Media, which owns Radio Norway, Vinyl and Radio1 and other media outlets, did not receive support from the Coronavirus crisis package.

Hence, they are now threatening to withdraw completely from Norway.

“I was shocked on Friday when the authorities presented the crisis package after the Coronavirus crisis and see that they have posted a sentence that excludes us from receiving support. It is very serious for us,” saidJim Receveur, CEO of Medier24.

The cash support scheme requires that companies had not gone into the negative in 2019 and Bauer did not qualified under this requirement.

Due to its financial situation, they are also not eligible for the state guarantee and loan schemes that have been introduced.

The draft media support scheme also does not support Bauer Media because the company has already made cost cuts of 30 million kroner that will have an effect this year.

“Remove the one exclusionary phrase in the text that came on Friday. If not, I must go to the board and recommend to close the operation in Norway,” said Receveur.

Bauer Media is a German group, which owns eight radio channels in Norway, most of which are Radio Norway and Radio1. The company operates in 13 countries worldwide, and owns more than 600 magazines and magazines, as well as over 100 radio and television stations.

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