Bishop will possibly change the secrecy rules for priests

Little girlLittle girl.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Hamar’s bishop, Solveig Fiske, believes church law should be changed so that priests can notify authorities about neglect of children.


After the church became an independent legal entity, it is not clear whether ecclesiastical employees should report to child welfare in situations where there may be a neglect of care.

The duty of confidentiality is almost absolute. And although the law allows priests to report if there are suspicions of serious offences, neglect of care is not included reported Nationen newspaper.

“We should review the scope of the priesthood’s duty of confidentiality, and whether or not the failure to to give adequate care should be part of the abolition,” said Fiske.

The deputy of Professional Theologians, Kristin Stang Meløe, is not sure if it is a good idea.

“Confidentiality creates trust between priests and confident, which means that you get knowledge of things you would not otherwise have received,” she said.

‘’The child welfare services, health workers, police and schools have a duty to report neglect. It may be good that there are places where such reporting obligations do not apply. At the same time,it is important to avoid situations where children are at risk,” she told the newspaper.


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