Bond filming in Norway in March

Daniel CraigDaniel Craig.Photo: Claudio Bresciani / SCANPIX

Part of the filming of the new James Bond film is being recorded in Norway, specifically Nittedal.Already by the end of March, the film team will arrive according to NRK news.

The TV channel had received access to documents from Nittedal municipality which confirmed that the filming will take place in Nittedal from March 25th to April the 2nd.

During the current week, a temporary flight ban will be introduced in the area due to the fact that the recording will involve helicopters flying at high speed at low altitudes.

Rumours of a Norwegian Bond recording began to buzz last month after it became known that there was a large cabin being built on the ice in the darkness at Langvann in Hakadal. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed through documents from the municipality that a movie will be filmed at the newly built cabin.

“Bond 25”, with Daniel Craig starring, has been awarded NOK 47 million in incentive grants for recording in Norway. According to the IMDB movie site, the film will be premiered in February 2020 and is the 25th of the 007 series.

It is not yet known whether Craig is involved in the scenes to be recorded in Norway.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today