Brækhus is planning a boxing event in Vestfold

Cecilia BrækhusBergen.Cecilia Brækhus.Photo : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Brækhus is planning a boxing event in Vestfold

Cecilia Brækhus and her team plan after NTB is experiencing arranging a new professional team in Norway. This time the trip goes to Vestfold.


Friday she beat Erica Farias at home in Bergen. Thus she has boxed twice in Oslo and once in Bergen after the ban on professional boxing was lifted in Norway.

After the match, the boxing queen talked about the desire to fight in the United States, but after what NTB is experiencing, Vestfold is in the process of hosting an event that will take place in late October this year. The Oslo Fjord Convention Center in Stokke will be among the alternatives considered as a locale.

If Brækhus is coming to Vestfold, it is not the first time the county arranges a boxing event. In March, the National Championships (NM) in boxing was arranged at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg.

Another Swede?

The question is who the “First Lady of Boxing” is going to meet now. After crushing Anne Sophie Mathis, taking Klara Svensson out on half-machine and now dispatching Erica Farias, the slate is almost wiped clean for the 35-years-old.

Mikaela Laurén, who lost the qualification for a match against Brækhus against Klara Svensson, may be a contender a new Norwegian-Swedish duel. The Swede has repeatedly gone hard out against Brækhus. The two met in the ring back in 2010. That time, Brækhus won on a technical knockout (TKO).

Bræhus herself has previously said that the dream fight is a boxing match against MMA star Cristiane “the Monster” Cyborg.

Victory at home

In the battle against Erica Farias in “the Battle of Bergen” on Friday, Brækhus fulfilled the hopes for the attendants at Koengen.

the 35-years-old was a big favourite before the event and entered the ring to the music of Bergensian, Lars Vaular.

In the ring, Farias went both fearlessly and vigorously to work, and gave Brækhus serious competition in the opening rounds, but after ten intense and tough rounds, the judge scores showed 99-91, 99-91, 98-92 in favour of Brækhus, which defended all five of her belts.


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