British campaign against Statoil-sponsored museum

Statoil logo.Statoil logo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Over 50 prominent scientists, activists and politicians have contributed to a petition to get the Science Museum dropping Statoil as a sponsor.

The Science Museum in London abstained last year from renewing sponsorship deal with giant oil company Shell after much criticism, yet allowed themselves having Statoil as sponsor.

The major initiative Wonderlab, an interactive experience for children, has been named Statoil gallery and opened Wednesday.

For a family of four it will cost about 200 kroner as entrance fees.

According to The Guardian, it is already booked 30,000 tickets for the event.

The petition asks the museum cut out Statoil as a sponsor and not to charge for tickets because they believe children from less wealthy families impartiality in distributing.

The Statoil Gallery has cost more than 60 million kroner, but it is not stated how much this group has contributed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today