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Chinese faith with female Jesus tries to become established in Scandinavia



The faith, ‘Eastern light’, also referred to as a Chinese sect or cult,has tried to infiltrate Chinese religious communities in Sweden and could be on its way to Norway.

Chinese pastor,Xida Chen, told Vårt Land newspaper that he fears ‘Eastern light’ will try to establish itself in Norway.

‘’Eastern light’ represents not only theological, but also a moral and social danger’’ said the pastor of the Nordic Christian Church.

According to the Swedish newspaper,Dagen, ‘Eastern light’ has tried to infiltrate Chinese religious communities in Sweden.

“It is very likely that the sect will come to Norway. When they are already in Sweden,it is almost as if they have come here’’ said Xida,who stated that the movement is particularly active in Germany.

The movement worships a female Jesus who calls herself ‘Eastern light’ according to Xida.

Hjalmar Bø,former head of Mission Relations, has lived and worked in China for six years.He said ‘Eastern light’ grew out of Christian churches in the 1990s and clearly appealed to Chinese people. According to Bø, the sect is accused of kidnapping, brainwashing, and strong pressure.

Some sources claim the faith has as many as three to four million followers.

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