Christmas Dream for the little ones at Maihaugen

MaihaugenMaihaugen.Photo:Foto: Jørgen Skaug

During Christmas, children can ride Christmas Trestle (Julebukk) at Maihaugen. The museum also planning to have some theater in English and other cozy Christmas program.

Fourth day of Christmas people can dress up and be ready for old-fashioned Christmas goat in at Maihaugen building. There are several of the houses decorated for Christmas, and inside the houses there are some that are guaranteed to be happy of having Christmas goat visit!

Open historic houses
Among all the Christmas meals the one which is served outside for fresh air in the open air is the best, and here it is also fine Ideal for riding toboggan. Every day there are several historic houses with open doors, so you can take a visit.

For those who are interested in fancy areas there will be a café opened in Kirkestuen. The museum shop at the visitor’s center is also open.

Clothing Visit
It’s nice to get a Christmas visit at Maihaugen. Sixth day of Christmas is the open days and one can meet cows, goats, pigs, chickens and other animals of ancient races that the museum is helping to preserve.

Theatre in English
If you receive foreign guests during the Christmas season, then you can take them for a walk theater “Silent night” on third and fifth day of Christmas. This is the English version of the show “The lights in the quiet hamlets’ and is a journey through time from the late 1700s until today. Underway you can experience Norwegian Christmas traditions and flavors from different times.

Maihaugen Christmas tree design ornaments from Anderssen & Voll can be seen in the visitor center until 13th day in Christmas.


Source: Norway Today