Complaints about church bells in Sandefjord

Sandefjord churchSandefjord church.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Complaints about church bells in the whale hunters town

For decades, the church bells in Sandefjord church have rung out hymns and songs each hour, but now some of the neighbors find it too much.


Last autumn, the church upgraded the bells, and now 49 bells ring the top octaves. Some of the residents of Kirkegata, where they are most loudly heard, have complained to the municipality, reported Sandefjord Blad newspaper.

‘I feel that those who decide this run over the feelings of everybody who lives in the housing complexes here.

One hears the sound right up to the terrace’, said a 56 year old woman who moved into the neighbourhood last year.

Although the address is Kirkegata, she wasn’t prepared for music from the church every day, and said that nobody had warned her in advance.

She said some people experienced the bells as so annoying that they don’t use their terraces.

Long tradition in the city

Kantor Svein Rustad confirmed that they can be heard when they play, but pointed out that they have a long tradition in the city.

And even though he’s aware that some people are dissatisfied, he said there are more people who complain when the church doesn’t play them.

The neighbourhood law ends up on the desk of the municipal chief, Ole Henrik Augestad.

‘As far as I can remember, we haven’t had these types of issue during my time here, but we will, of course,consider the matter in relation to current regulations.

The new bells were delivered by Norway’s only bell makers, Olsen Nauen, who’s located in Vestfold, in the same county as Sandefjord.


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