New county heraldic shield in Norway

The proposed heraldic shield for Vestfold & Telemark. Photo: Kommunikasjonshuset Fundament / NTB scanpix

New county heraldic shield in Norway

A heraldic shield sees the light of day for the first time. The official badge for the merged county Vestfold & Telemark will most likely depict a Viking Ship and Rose painting.


The brand new symbol is made up of two parts. The lower part represents the historic «Klåstad Ship», which was discovered in a farm field in Larvik. The upper section represents leaves from the Acanthus plant – a central motif from art history that is also widely used in Rose painting.

Almost 250 proposals were issued by the inhabitants of both counties and formed the basis for the choice of motif.

– Here we have witnessed great creativity, and highly thought-out and processed suggestions, from both counties and all age groups. We asked for inspiration, and we have really been that, says the leader of the work with the heraldic shield, Arve Høiberg (Labour).

On Wednesday, three candidate motifs were evaluated by the committee, which virtually unanimously agreed to the motif including the Viking Ship and the Rose painting.

Before the heraldic shield will be formally adopted, it must be approved by the two County Councils.


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