The Crown Princess looking forward to reading a lot of books this summer

Princess Mette-Marit reads ShakespearePrincess Mette-Marit reads Shakespeare.Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Princess Mette-Marit won’t “sleep away the summer night”, as the old Norwegian song goes.Instead she will spend the summer nights reading. This week she will fill her travel bag with books

– I  pretty much always start my summer holiday by going into a bookstore and buying the books I want to read. So I’ve got a fantastic space ahead me for the entire summer, that I can use to “dive into” many lives, Crown Princess Mette-Marit says.
After the royal family’s anniversary trip along the coast, which will end on June 29, the   royal family will go on a summer holiday, with the exception of a few public appearances. Crown Princess will not say where holidays go, but she will bring her books along:
– I do not know exactly which ones I will choose to bring with me this summer. That’s perhaps one of the things that I am looking most forward to do when we get to the end of June, to pick out all the books that should be included on the tour.
She often finds interesting books by looking through the bookstores, but she also has a girlfriend who recommends books for her to read:
– We read many of the same books and we discover a lot of literature together. I have daily conversations with her about the books we read.
To awaken people’s interest in reading has been a matter near to her heart, but she admits it can be difficult to find  time to read, when she’s on holiday and there are lots of other things taking up her time, and is careful not to suggest that others should follow her example:
– I read a lot when I’m sitting in the car, when I’m sitting on the plane and when I travel in general, because then I have  time to spare. I probably should use those times for making preparations for other things I am going to do, but I often use those times for reading . It’s do with having the time for concentration and a place to concentrate being really important for me in order to sit down and read a book.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today