Support from the Cultural Heritage Fund

Cultural Heritage Fund, LyngørConservation of cultural monuments in the outlying ports, Lyngør, Photo: eineng, Kulturminnefondet

Many applications for support from the Cultural Heritage Fund

The Cultural Heritage Fund has received a total of 1,242 applications for support for conservation of cultural heritage in private ownership this year.


Norwegians want to refurbish houses, barns, outbuildings, aircraft and boats for over 340 million, writes Adresseavisen.

– When there are so many private owners who want to maintain their cultural heritage, it is very pleasing. The increased funding from the Parliament (Storting) means that we can help more owners get started with their projects, says Simen Bjørgen. Bjørgen is the Director of the fund.

Growth in Oslo

Oppland, Nordland and Møre og Romsdal are the counties that apply for the most in support. Oslo is the county with the highest growth rate, from 24 applications in 2016 to 65 applications this year. This constitutes NOK 15 million more in application amounts.

The Cultural Heritage Fund is administered by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

– Without the Cultural Heritage Fund, Norway would have had much fewer protected buildings. One crown from the fund triggers three crowns from private. Many make an impressive effort to halt the decay and to rehabilitate properties, says Vidar Helgesen, Minister of Climate and Environment.

Helgesen adds that the money also has helped many to engage in business activities related to cultural heritage.


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