Danish architects to draw Vikingmuseum

Danish architects to draw VikingmuseumDanish architects to draw Vikingmuseum.Photo: Statbygg

Danske AART architects to draw the new Viking Time Museum on Bygdøy in Oslo.

Aart’s submission “boathouse” was one of three architectural firms that has negotiated with Statsbygg since April. They were then ranked first and have maintained their position, NRK news reported.

The new building with its 13,000 square meters, which has been highlighted by the architectural firm on its website states it’s design is three times as large as the current museum.

– The task put high demands on security and economy, and the Boathouse design has solved this well with the exhibition space above ground level, said director Harald Nikolaisen in Statsbygg as he presented “boathouse” as the winning candidate earlier this year.

Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H) has stated that construction can start at the earliest around 2020. He believes there is great understanding and political will and that it must allocate money to preserve cultural heritage.

– These are our pyramids, part of world heritage. Viking ships are also one of our major tourist destinations, he said in a statement earlier this spring.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today