DN-photographer got the award for the best Photo of the year

best Photo of the yearOslo.The best Photo of the year.Photo: Aleksander Nordahl / Dagens Næringsliv / NTB scanpix

A dramatic picture of eastern Aleppo in Syria gave the photographer Aleksander Nordahl from newspaper Dagens Næringsliv award for best Picture in 2016.

That’s Press Photographers behind the prestigious annual prizes of the ultimate in Norwegian photo and video journalism.

Jury’s Decision to give Nordahl price for photo titled “Ruinliv” is that the picture that tells a people who a few years ago, experienced a high level of prosperity and then felt that everything was chaos.

“The photographer has managed to maneuver in this chaos, to capture a time picture of a situation that still perceived as recognizable.

Three neatly dressed people standing in front of a gate, with purse and shopping bags. Around them, everything dissolves.

The image carried by contrasts, both visually and symbolically. It is intuitive, sad and very strong. This year’s best picture is still filled with an incredible dignity, the jury said.

45 years old Nordahl won the award in 1999, then as a photographer in Dagbladet. He has also won several international awards.

Price has been awarded since 1956. In addition to the selection of the Photo of the Year are also several awards and prizes which are organized in a number of other categories.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today