Dyrsku’n 2016

Dyrsku'nDyrsku'n .Photo: Inge Nilsen

Sometimes the stalls are nearly blown away. But it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s wet and windy or the sun shines warmly from a clear, blue sky; Seljord holds Dyrsku’n each and every year.

Norway’s largest agricultural exhibition attracts thousands of people each year. Great baragins, new product releases, handmade artickles, arts and crafts and traditional culture, all get the crowds flocking in.
Dyrsku’n is the great annual meeting place for people and livestock. Everyone meets up here, family and friends, farmers and contractors, horse-breeders and tradesmen, dealers and manufacturers. For nearly 150 years, dealers and merchants have travelled from all over the world to the little village of Seljord.

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Source: dyrskun.no / Norway Today