Eidsvoll 1814 – Norwegian Center for Constitution

Eidsvoll 1814Photo: Eidsvoll 1814

Eidsvollbygningen – the birthplace of the Norwegian Constitution

Eidsvollbygningen is a house full of exciting history. For Norwegians it is one of the most important national symbols, inextricably tied to the constitution, independence and the dramatic events of 1814.

Eidsvoll 1814 - kokka

In April 1814, against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars in Europe, 112 representatives met at Eidsvoll with a formidable task: to decide the nation’s future. Six weeks later they signed the Constitution and elected a king for the new independent state of Norway; a crucial event remembered ever after in our 17th of May celebrations.

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Source: akershus.com / Norway Today