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“The End” for Oslo’s last video store

video storeVideo store.Photo: NTB SCANPIX


Next week the last remaining video store in Oslo will disappear.

– I remember when it was at it’s craziest, says Video Nova founder Paul Granlund.

In the 1990s there were up to 3,500 video stores in Norway. Pål Granlund (68), founder of the video outlet chain Video Nova, is reminiscing about the glory days to E24.
– We had to have three or four men at work, and I ran around myself helping. But that was in the old days, he said.
Granlund bought the video store at Majorstua in 1982, when the market for video rental was in it’s infancy. He says that during their best days they had a daily turnover of over NOK 10,000.
Today the store is completely worn down and has a weekly turnover of 50,000 Nok only. On the wall outside you only see IEONOVA, as the L & D have already said goodbye. Monday the rest will follow, as the store closes its doors for good.
– I think it’s sad. It is downright sad, he says.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today