Every fifth Norwegian has little faith in the media

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A new survey shows that every fifth Norwegian has little faith in the media in general. Confidence in journalists has also weakened.

In the survey carried out by Respons Analyse on behalf of ‘Nordiske Mediedager’ in Bergen, only 13% of those asked in April to answer whether they have great confidence in the media answers affirmatively. The figure is halved since the 26% in February who responded the same.

According to Klassekampen newspaper, the scepticism comes in the wake of VG newspaper’s handling of Trond Giske and the dance video case.

‘’The measurement in April is statistically significantly lower than all measurements of the media survey since 2005. This strengthens the argument that the VG case has had an impact on confidence’’ said media expert responsible for the survey, Erik Knudsen of the University of Bergen.

The survey also showed that confidence in journalists has lessened.

VG’s development director, Ola Stenberg, believes that it cannot be concluded that the Giske case has resulted in weakened confidence in the media in general.

‘’After so much publicity and attention, it can of course have affected it, but I think it is very unwise to say that the world view right now on trust in the media in general is based on one issue’’ he said.

800 people participated in the survey in February and 1,001 people participated in April.

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