Experience The Abramović Method at Henie Onstad

Marina AbramovićMarina Abramović.Photo: visitoslo.com

Every day until 4 March the public is invited to participate in a brand new work from the world’s most famous performance artist. Entrance is free for anyone who wants to join in, and participants are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Abramović herself will also be present several times this week.


Marina Abramović has been using her own body as a canvas for the past 50 years, and through pain, risk and endurance she has bared herself in order to stimulate emotional responses in her audiences.

The Abramović Method
The method joins people in a communal experience where participants are invited to connect with oneself and with each other. By connecting people in this basic way and creating a space of mutual witnessing, Abramović encourages the kind of collective vulnerability that humans need in order to coexist.

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Source: visitoslo.com / Norway Today