Donald Trump.

FIRE & FURY: Inside the Trump White House: Michael Wolf’s ‘Tell-all’ book disparaging the sitting American President Donald Trump and his presidency is now available in Norwegian.


Anticipating a strong market demand within Norway, Norwegian publisher Kagge Forlag assembled a team of 7 Norwegian translators who then translated from the English original, starting their task shortly after the books’ English release on January 5th, 2018.

Kagge Editor-in-Chief Tuva Ørbeck Sørheim explained Kagge’s decision to translate and publish the book about the American president; ‘There’s a huge interest in this book and it was therefore quite important to release a Norwegian version as quickly as possible.

The translation team, under the direction of Kaja Rindal Bakkejord,has extended a fantastic effort. We’re proud to offer this sensational,entertaining and earth-shaking look into the American presidency to our readers.’

Author Wolf claims that there were those among Donald Trump’s election team who were ‘shocked’ when Trump’s winning results were announced. The book also states that Mr. Trump’s first reactions to winning the election were of confusion and disbelief.
The book continues by stating that Mr. Trump needed convincing that he deserved the presidency.

The book darkly paints President Trump as being unstable and incapable of performing the duties of his office.

The American president has clearly stated that the book is a contrived collection of spiteful falsehoods, ‘half-truths’ and barefaced lies whipped together as a hackneyed endeavor construed to fleece the willing.

President Trump’s availability to legal recourse in seeking monetary and/or punitive judicial relief against the author (seemingly) remains a prudent, viable option.

1.7 Million Sold
The first printing of the Norwegian edition is set at 12k copies.According to news source CNN, the English edition of FIRE &


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