‘Fjortis’ received YouTuber of the year reward

Herman DahlOslo.Herman Dahl.Photo : Thomas Brun / Nordic Screens/ NTB scanpix


14-year-old Herman Dahl was named this year’s YouTuber under ‘Gullsnutten’ (the golden nugget), an award ceremony for Norway‘s internet stars.

Dahl is known for the music video ‘Fjortis’ (slang for puberty) and for the role of Aksel in the series ‘Jenter’ (Girls) on the child channel, NRK Super, but he is also known from social media like snapchat and Instagram.

He started a YouTube channel a year ago and has since gained 70,000 followers.

– I’ve learned that if you have a passion, you can get amazingly far in just a year, was the reaction when he walked off with the award, according to NRK.

The Andersen brothers Daniel (13) and Simen (15) was chosen as the carriers of a message.

They both suffer from the muscle disease, Duchenne and are restricted to wheelchairs, but confront network trolls and face bullies head on. The brothers’ YouTube channel has about 700,000 views every month.

Emma Ellingsen (15) won this year’s video with the Q&A video ‘I was born a boy.’

Her story is seen by over 400,000 people on YouTube.

Alan Walker (19), which is the largest on YouTube with six million subscribers and 1.7 billion video views, received the award in the music category. Amalie Olsen (18) was chosen as the rising star.

Malin Nesvoll Vangsnes (26) received an award for this year’s lifestyle and video blog, Joachim Haraldsen (24) became the gamer of the year and Eveline Karlsen (24) received the award in the category for makeup and beauty.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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