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Four out of five Norwegians use social media

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80% of Norwegians between the ages of 16 and 79 years old use social media. It is among the middle-aged that usage is increasing the most according to Statistics Norway.


The percentage of Norwegians using social media such as Facebook,Instagram and Snapchat has increased by 9% since 2015 Statistics Norway reported.

Not unexpectedly, it is the youngest who are the most diligent users of social media, but the greatest growth rate is among the middle aged from 45 to 64 years.By 2018, there are 20% more frequent users among the middle aged than there were three years ago.Many people in this age group also use social media in their workplace.

By 2015, 54% of the population between 16 and 79 used social media everyday or almost every day.This year there has been a 12% increase,which means that 66% use social media often.


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