‘Frozen’ team visited Finnmark

SametingetSametinget.Photo: wikimedia.org

The Oscar-winning team behind the animated hit “Frozen” , recently visited destinations  including Karasjok, allegedly to collect ideas for a new film.

According to NRK, they learned, among other things,  about joik, reindeers, and Sami history. In addition to the tour of the Sami Parliament, they visited a music studio, local businesses and other institutions in Karasjok.

The local music producer Magnus Vuolab has got a music studio in Karasjok.

Along with joiker colleague Per Tor Turi, he had previously been asked if they could  receive filmmakers from Disney.

He confirmed that they came to hear Sami music, such as traditional joik, but also modern Sami music with and without joik.

– They said “Amazing!”. They were very happy, and I enjoyed hearing that, he said.
A group of reindeer herders who had gathered their reindeer herds in Porsanger, were also visited by the “Frozen” team.

– They said they were here to get ideas for a new film. Because of this, they wanted to see how we work with the reindeer,  reindeer owner Anne Kirsten Eira says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today