Gingerbread-still Norwegians’ Christmas favourite

GingerbreadGingerbread.Photo: MatPrat

Christmas is the feast for cakes. But what really is the great folk favourite? Gingerbread is still the most popular, according to the Norwegian Christmas index.

The Norwegian Christmas index from MatPrat has investigated the matter, and not unexpected, it was a favorite that ran away with the victory. Gingerbread beat out competitors including ‘krum’ cakes, ‘kokosmakroner’, ‘kakemenn’, ‘sirupsnipper’ and ‘kransekake’.

-The good old pepper cake actually won a superior victory. 24 percent cite this as their favorite. Second place goes to the classic krum cake, while it is kansekakestenger which takes the last place on the podium, “said Anne Zondag, social analyst at MatPrat.

The older swear to krum cakes

It is among the young that the gingerbread is strongest. The entire 40 percent of those under 34 years said that gingerbread is their favorite. In comparison, there are only 9 per cent in the age group 60 plus who prefer gingerbread. Here it is namely krum cakes that are the favorite.

The gingerbread-trend also appears on the Web. Norwegian Christmas index, and its partner Google, have looked at the figures-and gingerbread is also the most popular in the digital sphere.

-Gingerbread is definitely the most searched Christmas cake so far this year. In fact there are no others who are close to a time when it comes to volume, says Hanne Norup-lean Dahlgren in Google Norway.

Make the dough yourself

The selection of gingerbread is big in Norwegian stores, and you can buy both finished cakes and finished dough. At MatPrat they recommend, however, to bake the cakes themselves.
-It is not difficult to make, and homemade gingerbread with homemade gingerbread dough sounds like Christmas, I think. A proper gingerbread workshop in the kitchen is also a nice tradition for many. And so the flavors result incredibly well in a dark advent time, says Chef and food professional advisor in MatPrat, André Wrengbro.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today