Gladmat 2018, Day III

Enjoying Japanese Kara-Age don at Gladmat 2018 Photo: Pieter Wijnen /

Some impressions from Gladmat 2018, Day III

Day 3 of the Gladmat (Happy Food) Festival in Stavanger, and the weather is still perfect. Today we even indulged ourselves with a few tidbits from around the Globe. 


We were especially happy to say hi to Craig Whitton, it has been a while! The wife was very happy with her selection of Brazilian, Japanese and Indian specialities. I was in a Dutchman’s version of food heaven, indulging myself on raw herring served with raw onions, followed by French fries with mayonnaise. It was Good for the wallet that there were no seats available to enjoy the seafood platter.


© Pieter Wijnen / #Norway Today