Gladmat in Stavanger 2018

gladmat food festival stavanger mapCocept map for Gladmat 2018. Ill.

Gladmat in Stavanger 2018: 18. – 21. juli 2018

Now it is the time for the Happy Food Festival (Gladmat) once more. We, and especially our taste buds, are looking forward to that!


Stavanger welcomes everybody to the Nordic region’s largest culinary festival for the twentieth time!

  • Gladmat is a showcase for food production, gastronomy and food culture, an arena where consumers and food refiners meet.
  • Gladmat is the leading food festival, both in Norway and indeed the Nordic region, and has as its primary objective to promote public interest in food and food culture. In 2018 the festival will be held for the twentieth consecutive year – albeit one week earlier than normal due to the arrival of the Tall Ships races.
  • Gladmat is a showcase for food production, gastronomy and food culture. The festival attracts up to 250,000 visitors in the four days it lasts and receives much attention both regionally, nationally and even internationally and is well worth a visit – why not kill two – or more – birds with one stone and combine with the marvels of the high seas, the Tall Ships Races?
  • There is even a supplementary food festival going on in and around the old Tou beer brewery in the Leirvik area, which is not affiliated with Gladmat, but is much quieter.

Michelin Guide

Stavanger is proud not only being the one town outside of Oslo to have a Michelin Star restaurant – we have two.

The cuisine in Stavanger is very diverse. Admittedly mainly due to the great influx of people from all corners of the world. This of course due to the petroleum industry.

Even though a small town of 100,000 inhabitants we boast that at least 10 per cent have roots from outside the country. They are however all considered to be ‘Siddis’ after a few years – yours truly included.

Since you are coming anyway

The Pulpit Rock – or Prekestolen  – is located inside Lysefjorden and is easily reachable after you have enjoyed the national and / or international foods served at GladMat. We have already mentioned the Tall Ships Races, I believe?

There are boat trips daily to the foot of the climb. You may however want to digest the food before you take on the hike to the top; Even though the pathway is bettered every year. Still not convinced?  Then Visit Stavanger.

When & How

This years GladMat is arranged from 18th to 21nd of July – mainly in the harbour area of Stavanger, aka Vaagen. Stavanger is easily reached from numerous departure points by plane.

KLM have several daily flights from Amsterdam, SAS to Copenhagen and London, Norwegian and other low-fare carriers also have abundant connections.

Believe or not, but Stavanger Airport is a hop and a skip away from town – and has an excellent bus service to all the major hotels.

If you are on a cruise of the fjords around the end of July, please note that the cruise ships berth inside the festival area.

There are also daily ferries from Denmark and Bergen and a train service too.


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