Golden treasure trove of 160 items of Viking jewelry discovered in Denmark

Viking jewelryIllustration: Viking jewelry.Photo.

160 separate pieces of gold, silver and lead jewelry have been found in a Viking excavation near Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe.

This summer, Denmark’s largest stash of Viking gold treasure was found during an excavation, but it turned out that there was yet more to be found in the ground around the dig, reported Danmarks Radio.

According to archaeologist, and curator of the museum in Sønderskov, Bo Ejstrud, the extent of the discovery is such that the findings are among the most significant ever.

‘It is a unique collection of gold treasure from the Viking era, and it has exceeded all expectations of what we thought we would find’, he told reporters.

Among other things found, were a gold bracelet and a domed gold piece with hanging gold chains. In addition, there was a necklace decorated with a stone.

It was new to archaeologists that this type of jewelry was made during the Viking era.

The original Viking treasure trove consisted of six golden bracelets and one in silver. The items found weighed nearly a kilogram.

Three amateur archaeologists were behind this summer’s discovery. They have also been involved in further excavations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today