Half of the population satisfied with Church political involvement

The Christ figure is made by artist Peter BrandesThe Christ figure is made by artist Peter Brandes. Photo: Anette Karlsen / NTB scanpix

Half of the population thinks the Norwegian Church exhibit a moderately strong involvement in political issues, according to a new poll.

In a  poll Norstat conducted for the newspaper, Vart Land, 52 percent have stated  that they believe that the amount of involvement in political issues of the Church and its leaders is the right amount. 14 percent believe that the Church involves itself too little or far too little while 34 percent say the church involves iitself too much or far too much.

The poll comes after Immigration- and integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug  last week went out in VG and criticized the Church for  meddling too much in politics and to support the parties  on the left.

The figures from the survey show that Listhaug  gets support from most of her  own voters. 65 percent of the Progress Party voters believe the Church involves itself too much or far  too much in specific policy issues.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today