Here’s what you need to know about “Fadderuka,” freshman week for students in Norway

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the Norwegian “Russetid,” but how familiar are you with its older relative “Fadderuka?”

Both events are seemingly centered around drinking and partying; however, there is a significant difference between the two. Russetid celebrates the end of an era, namely the graduation from high school. Fadderuka, on the other hand, takes place during the first week of university and therefore celebrates a new beginning.

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Yes, you got that right – the same people who celebrate the Russetid by drinking pretty much every day for over two weeks in May, go on to have a new week-long celebration only a couple of months later.

What exactly is it Fadderuka?

Fadderuka’s closest international relative is freshman week, or fresher’s week. It is a week-long celebration for people embarking on their studies for the first time.

Fadderuka usually takes place in the middle of August, which is when most Norwegian students begin their time at university. As many people move to new cities for their studies, the week’s primary purpose is for new students to get to know each other and make new friends.

Although mainly associated with drinking, Fadderuka often offers a range of activities, including quizzes, themed parties, concerts, stand-up comedy, and so on.

The word “fadder” directly translates to a godmother/godfather. In principle, new students are put into “fadder groups” with several other students. There are also the “fadders,” or “godparents,” who are older students in charge of their respective groups.

Another popular activity during Fadderuka is for the new students to have a “baptism,” in which, you guessed it – their “godparents” baptize them. Perhaps an appropriate way to signify a new beginning?

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